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Visualization capabilities of the motion design studio LIKI inc.

horror sex,LIKI inc. has recently created a sensation in the motion design scene by using expression techniques centered on motion graphics and CG. The company produces all genres of videos beginning from TV commercials to music events and live event videos. LIKI inc. also created the video in which Daikin Industries expresses its brand core. In this interview, Art Director Lau and Motion Graphic Designer Isami Shimura, both of whom played central roles in the project, shared their thoughts on designing invisible things.

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freesex,It would be no exaggeration to say that LIKI inc. has created all genres of videos including TV commercials for automobiles and cosmetics and promotional videos for artists. What kind of approach did they take in creating the brand core video for Daikin?

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Although they had produced countless videos, the process of visualizing invisible air was not that easy.,bdsmtube

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Understand and express the thoughts wanting to be conveyed,fsiblogg

hinde sex hd,The brand video transitions from a dynamic story in the prologue to the four keywords that describe the Daikin brand core. While trying to understand and construe the thoughts behind each one of the keywords, they went forward with video production. bisex movies film porn porn vieos

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fsiblogg,Not just in expressing the abstract keywords, they also tried to evoke a feeling of air when conveying the keywords. We asked them to reflect on this project.

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While they were faced with difficulties in designing invisible things, they told us that all of us do it in our daily lives.,fuck actress

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petrol porn,The motivation is creating something that nobody has ever seen before

bdsmtube,Because LIKI inc. always pursues new expressions with that type of approach, it can create a wide variety of artwork irrespective of genres.

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