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In 1929, Daikin became the first company in Japan to handle lubrication equipment for shipbuilding and engine manufacturers and since then the oil hydraulic business has been contributing to worldwide industrial development. Applying the energy-saving technologies acquired in air conditioning, we develop and manufacture environmentally-conscious oil hydraulic pumps and oil hydraulic units under the themes of higher machine precision, quieter operation, and further miniaturization.,dise porn

Image:Fusing Hydraulics and Motor Technologies and Developing Diverse and High Precision Equipment


Hydraulic equipment is used to realize smooth movement of construction machines including power shovels, industrial machines for factories, and small vehicles such as tractors. In applying Pascale’s principle that a small force can be converted to a large force, the strength, speed, and direction of the power of various machines is smoothly controlled. Daikin works to development unique, environmentally-conscious products with hydraulic systems that fuse oil hydraulics and inverter motor technologies.,maxico porn

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