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Based on Our Group Philosophy's policy of "With Our Relationship with Society in Mind, Take Action and Earn Society's Trust," Daikin Industries, Ltd. believes in its responsibility to shareholders and investors to abide by laws, conduct corporate activities with the utmost in ethics, and earnestly disclose information to ensure transparency of management.
For company-related information such as decisions and occurrences, in line with the rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, we disclose timely information on the stock exchange's TDnet online system, and promptly on the Daikin website. Even for information that we are not legally obligated to promptly disclose, we do everything possible to release information that we believe will help the investment decisions of shareholders and investors.

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Daikin Industries, Ltd. conducts a range of IR activities aimed at improving understanding in areas like our company's current state and management philosophy for shareholders and investors.,porn casting

For analysts and institutional investors, we hold interim and end-of-year financial performance briefings, and conference calls every first and third financial quarter. In addition, we speak with investors over 400 times a year through business briefings, plant tours, sustainability briefings, and face-to-face meetings.
For individual investors, we also hold company briefings several times a year.

xxxxnxxx,Furthermore, in order to ensure fair disclosure of information to everyone, regardless of whether they are institutional or private investors in Japan or other countries, we strive to disclose IR information in English and actively disseminate information on our corporate website.

More than 120 analysts and institutional investors took part in the sustainability briefings held virtually in fiscal 2020. The briefings included explanations and discussions about Daikin's R&D efforts that support both the solution of social issues and business growth, while also touching on the concerns regarding air and ventilation in the COVID-19 pandemic. .,pprn hd

f tv porn,We will continue to stress dialogue with all shareholders and investors and do everything we can to disclose information through a range of media.

End-of-year financial performance briefing for analysts and institutional investors

farah dahl,End-of-year financial performance briefing for analysts and institutional investors

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xxx cook,To ensure that shareholders have more time to consider new proposals before voting at the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, we send announcements of the meeting at least a week earlier than is legally required. We also promptly post the information on the Daikin website and on the website of the Tokyo Stock Exchange at least a week before we send it.

To remedy the discrepancy in information available in Japan and other countries, we translate announcements of shareholder meetings into English and send these to overseas institutional investors, we have an English version of our website, and we post the results of shareholder voting on our website.
We strive to get as many shareholders as possible to exercise their voting rights by allowing voting over the Internet: those who cannot attend meetings in person can still exercise their voting rights by personal computer or smartphone. We have also adopted a platform for exercising voting rights, which makes it even easier for institutional investors to vote.

seksifilmit,As a result of these efforts, the percentage of voting rights exercised reached 89.37% in the 118th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held in June 2021. The number of votes cast over the Internet also increased to 1,884,731 (2,730 shareholders).


  The 114th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (held in June 2017) The 115th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (held in June 2018) The 116th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (held in June 2019) The 117th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (held in June 2020) The 118th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (held in June 2021)
Voting rights exercised 86.75 89.53 87.41 89.20 89.37
Votes cast over the Internet 1,596,419 1,744,888 1,754,167 1,897,714 1,884,731
Shareholders voting online 921 1,020 1,290 1,826 2,730

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Breakdown of Shareholders (March 31, 2021)

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