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Fiscal 2020 Key Activities New Value Creation
Fiscal 2020 Key Activities New Value Creation

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Why is it important?

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It was once said, "People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!" Similarly, people, who buy an air conditioner, want a comfortable air environment for as long as possible. To satisfy this want, instead of simply selling air conditioners, Daikin needs to identify and provide methods by which consumers can use the functions of its products in the best way possible. That is, we need to change our approach from goods to experiences to deliver services with the most optimal approach to using air conditioning for customers, users and the environment.,uk porn

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True Needs in Commercial Air Conditioning


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sexsy,AaaS can lower a customer's overhead and workforce in terms of upfront installation of air conditioners, electricity consumption, and operations management. Air conditioners never sell out and we provide support up to operation, enabling us to provide comfortable air environments closely in tune with customer needs.

PaaS: An acronym for Product as a Service.


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By introducing AaaS, users can focus on their core operations without having to worry about air conditioning. This is especially important at hospitals, which must provide stable operation of air conditioning as an essential service. If problems were to arise, this could negatively impact not only patient conditions, but also precision medical devices and information systems. With healthcare duties piling up, the bother of setting air conditioning temperature and maintenance is a cause of stress for nurses and staff. Hospitals stand to benefit greatly from being able to maintain a comfortable air environment. In terms of spending, sudden expenditures due to breakdowns are no longer needed.,jaanwar xxx

Daikin has concluded AaaS contracts with 25 customers over the past three years since 2018. Uegahara Hospital in Hyogo Prefecture is one of these customers. It has been able to reduce electricity consumption from air conditioning by 36.8% over two years compared to before. In addition, staff members are able to focus on their work and a comfortable air environment is maintained for patients. This service won the Chairman Prize of Energy Conservation Center, Japan, at the fiscal 2020 Energy Conservation Grand Prize.,kamababa com

سكس ليبي,In addition to hospitals and nursing care facilities, AaaS is being adopted rapidly by buildings and plants owned by companies. In addition to lowering labor costs related to air conditioner upkeep, companies can benefit from improved cash flow as upfront investments are no longer needed since air conditioning equipment is no longer as a company asset.


Delivering maximum comfort and peace of mind by minimizing electricity, labor, and other costs

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Daikin is conducting various trials at point 0 marunouchi, a demonstration site, for continually providing a comfortable air environment to customers using the best format possible. In December 2020, we launched the Air as Ventilation service validated here that visualizes confinement and ventilates accordingly. This is a monthly subscription service that provides a comfortable, safe, and secure air environment to spaces where an unspecified large number of people gather, such as shared offices.,sell my gf

sell my gf,We will continue to pursue solutions that address the true needs of air in the future.


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Since introducing AaaS, we no longer worry about cooling or heating. It's really encouraging because we can change our energy management settings with a single telephone call. Proposals based on actual operating data are very effective and the reduction of our electricity bill has been greater than expected. This fixed subscription air conditioning service that doesn't require ownership of equipment is a very reasonable solution.,pornhup


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