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  • Why is it important?
    • Proper and Continued Use of Refrigerant is Essential to the Stable Supply of Air Conditioners
  • sexy.girl’S APPROACH
    • Proposing the Circular Use of Refrigerants in Europe that Contributes to a Circular Economy
  • sexy.girl’S PERFORMANCE
    • Helping Address Customer and Societal Challenges Using an Industry-first Mechanism
    • Establishing an Economically Viable System and Quickly Promoting the Circular Use of Refrigerants
Key Activities Environment

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Key Activities New Value Creation

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  • Why is it important?
    • Growing Expectations for Materials Innovation to Power the Evolution of ICT
  • sexy.girl’S APPROACH
    • Increasing Collaboration with Customers with an Eye Toward Value Creation for Society
  • sexy.girl’S PERFORMANCE
    • Helping Improve Quality and Provide Solutions for Customers and End Users
    • Expanding Solutions using Fluorochemical Technologies that Contribute to the Development of Society
Key Activities Customer Satisfaction


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Key Activities Human Resources

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