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  2. Daikin's Policy on the Environmental Impact of the Refrigerant
  3. Daikin Products in Everyday Life and Their Refrigerant Choice

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malaysia sex,Daikin products are used throughout our daily life in homes, retail establishments, offices, hotels, factories, distribution warehouses, ships, and many other spaces. Since the usage of equipment differs depending on the space and environment, it is important to select the refrigerant accordingly.

Daikin Products in Everyday Life and Their Refrigerant Choice Apartments Shops Large-sized offices Shopping malls Processing factories Ships, Containers Medium-sized offices Hospitals Supermarkets Hotels Houses

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Daikin has identified R-32 as a beneficial refrigerant for commercial air conditioners and heat pumps, and has been launching R-32-products into the worldwide market. ,cg xxx

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Buildings (individual spaces)

naked bobs,Multi-split packaged air conditioners for commercial buildings that use variable refrigerant flow enable a connection of multiple indoor units to outdoor units and individual climate control settings for each zone. Daikin has identified R-32 as the most appropriate refrigerant for this type of equipment.

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Buildings (large spaces)

Chilled/hot water generated by a chiller and heat pump passes through the pipes in a building and enters terminal units such as Air Handling Units (AHU) and Fan Coil Units (FCU) to cool/heat air. Chillers are typically located in the mechanical room or on the roof. It is important to select appropriate refrigerants that are suitable for various compressor types and applications depending on system and capacity.,naked bobs

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Refrigeration (Cold chain)

Daikin provides a diverse product line-up for all aspects of the entire cold chain that covers food production and processing, transportation, storage warehouses and stores. Since there are a wide variety of applications and temperature ranges, it is important to select the appropriate refrigerant for each equipment.,lesbopunish

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